Neuro, my oh my…

Being a neurologist is awesome. But each doctor has their own quality, even if they are neurologist. My dad said, it’s you and only you who can determine your quality. So it is your choice to study, or not study. You will always pass the test. But would you be a good neurologist? It’s really up to you.

Well, those sentences kinda shock me in the first, because he is telling the truth. Doctor never cure a patient. We just waiting for the patient come and ask for help, we examine with our capability and memory (because we don’t allowed to open textbook in front of patient), give prescription and explanation, then what? The rest is up to the patient. Whether he buy the drugs or not, drink it on time three times a day for five days for antibiotics for example, eat and drink water properly, having enough sleep, we really never know. If we got lucky, the patient would come or text that the drugs is working and he feel better now. But most of them never come back to the doctor, whether they healthier, or more sick than before. Doctor never cure the patient. There are too many X factor.

So, when I happened to like neuroscience, I try to study, really. I want to start school with preparation, so I force myself to read the neuro textbook and write it down (that’s how I study, I must write it all down to understand better). And see, after months, I can’t even finish one textbook! Hahaha. I realized that reading those book require so much energy and concentration. I should read at least twice or three times what the meaning of spinothalamicus tract, corticospinalist tract, how to examine nistagmus, and so on. Okay this is waaaay too difficult, but at least I’m trying. And I hope this studying thing will bring me a better understanding of neuroscience even now I’m not sure.

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. <Albert Einstein)


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